Direct Mail that not only works but Funds itself at a fraction of current market Trends as per the NADA

I have not solicited on here in quite a while but am always looking for Good Business. We can certainly help with Direct Mail, Bill Board, Media, etc, as we have recently Contracted with an additional Group of Printers who have formed a Co Operative with Stragically located Plants around the Country in order to Lower Shipping Costs, Turnaround Time’s, and overall Printing Costs because of the Increase in Volume. We have never lost a quote yet due to Price or Turnaround time. Our Digital Product has also proven to increase results at a lower Cost Per Sale than Direct Mail: 941 677 2580.

Thanks for all of the  previous responses regarding our solicitation for Printing and Direct Mail and appoligize if we did not follow up fast enough as we have been overwhelmed with inquiries and were not prepared for the influx of requests. Sorry that we can only provide References for the Dealer Group’s that we have Personally Represented like Penske, Suburban, LaFontaine, etc., as we have to abide by our non Disclosure Agreement’s that have been in place with many Auto related Companies, Dealerships, and other Groups’ that have requested that we keep our relationship and pricing confidential as they obviously would not want a Competitor having the same Cost Advantage in the same Market area.

We welcome all inquiries from new Client’s who are interested in a “Long Term” arrangement without the High Cost of an Advertising Agency while offering a much more comprehensive and personal Campaign designed specifically for the Situation and Market.

Direct Mail is still the “Biggest Bang for the Buck” and has the best results given a properly designed Campaign.  The attached Photo proves just how far we have moved forward in recent years and Henry Ford once said during the Depression, “A Man Who Stop’s Advertising is Like Stopping a Clock to Save Time”.

We have been established since 1994 but always welcome new business with a Long Term Agreement in mind.

Quotes and advice are always free.2947858182_5188b04b1e_o