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National Advertising and Marketing Group is an amalgamation of expert Marketing and Advertising Professionals with a Heavy Emphasis on long Term Strategies and  Campaigns.

Smart business owners view Marketing and  Advertising as one part of a balanced strategy.  National Advertising and Marketing Group offers an integrated marketing strategy involving print, broadcast media, and billboards just like an Advertising Agency but without the High Fee’s.

We offer Consulting for Direct Mail, Printing, Bill Board, Radio, Cable, Broadcast, Production and Distribution as well as Digital Marketing, and Social Media Development.

Our Products and Services have proven to be some of the Highest Quality and Least Expensive in the Market Place and include Sales Training, BDC Development and Coaching, Call Center and CRM Implementation as well as Proprietary Marketing and Advertising Campaigns that Guarantee the very Highest Return on Investment in the Industry.

  1. Printing and Direct Mail
  2. Sales Training
  3. BDC development / Training/ or Out side Vending
  4. Email / Banner/ Pay per Click/ SEO Campaign’s
  5. Radio, Cable, Broadcast, Purchasing and Production
  6. Bill Board Advertising
  7. Dealership Consulting
  8. Premium Incentives and Gifts
  9. AM Radio Transmitters
  10. Inflatables
  11. Banners, Flag’s, Lawn Sign’s
  12. Community Responsive Fund Raisers
  13. Sub Prime Financing Development and Implementation
  14. Sub Prime Finance Leeds
  15. On Time Leeds
  16. Customer Loyalty and Referral Program Development and implementation



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